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About Vitavance

Vitavance™ – Fat based ingredients for animal nutrition

With feed costs representing up to 70% of the overall cost of farm production, feed selection has a major impact on profitability. That’s why feed mills and farmers constantly substitute raw materials based on price to achieve required levels of animal production. We offer cost-effective fat and oil alternatives that help optimize animal performance and maximize profits for both compound feed producers and farmers.

We know you want to create innovative compound feed products that add value for farmers by supporting animal health, growth and vitality. We combine our expertise in fats and oils with our knowledge of animal nutrition to deliver high-performance solutions that help optimize the production of meat, fish, milk and eggs.

In addition to this, food safety is an increasingly important issue. Our secure supply chain ensures consistent volumes of high-quality products. At the same time, the high traceability of our raw materials ensures safety of both animals and humans, protecting your reputation and bottom line.

Our products for animal nutrition are delivered under the Vitavance™ brand. Click here for more information on Vitavance™ – Fat based ingredients for animal nutrition.